Drug Addiction Treatment

How Expensive Is Drug Addiction Treatment?

Anyone looking for professional treatment services for drug addiction recovery will probably ask how much it costs before committing to a program. The cost of treatment is one of the main reasons people take so long to go for rehabilitation.

When figuring out the cost of drug addiction rehabilitation, you need to consider certain variables, such as the intended duration of treatment and the type of treatment required. Aside from that, it is also advisable to consider that each rehab facility will charge different fees for the same services across the board. The rates will depend on the additional features and amenities provided and the facility’s location, not to mention, whatever one person considers expensive may not be costly to the next person.

The cost of addiction rehabilitation usually relies on several factors, which include the following:

  • Drug Addiction TreatmentThe amenities provided: Some facilities can offer additional amenities such as nutritional counseling, massage therapy, a gym, or a swimming pool aside from the essential rehab services.
  • The duration of the program: This may go from 30 to 90 days depending on the individual’s requirements
  • The treatment methods offered: such services may or may not comprise comprehensive aftercare, different therapy alternatives, medication-assisted treatment, and detoxification or detox.
  • The program size: Some programs are smaller and more private, while others are larger and have more participants
  • The facility’s location may also contribute to the cost. Some facilities are near the beach, up in the mountains for privacy, or just near home.
  • The facility type: Inpatient institutions are usually more expensive than outpatient programs since they offer lodging and meals aside from wellness activities and therapeutic approaches.

Overall, there are addiction treatment programs suited to your budget and personal requirements. There are various facilities available for those looking for a more traditional rehabilitation program with skilled mental health and medical professionals. There are also options for individuals who are looking for treatment facilities that are more luxurious and high-end.

A drug addiction treatment program should have some essential elements to cater to the participants’ overall recovery needs. For individuals in inpatient programs who live in the facility throughout the treatment, they should at least expect the following:

  • Supervision from skilled medical professionals all through
  • Access to licensed counselors
  • An intake evaluation and assessment process

Individuals in outpatient treatment will have access to family counseling, individual therapy sessions, and group therapy sessions or a combination of all these choices during their time at the facility.

Cost of Drug Addiction Treatment

Even though the costs for each treatment program will vary, the average price for standard addiction treatment programs ranges from $14,000 to $27,000 for 30 days. Outpatient treatments usually go from $0 to $500 for a session, depending on the program. The cost of the detox period during the treatment often ranges from $600 to $1000 per day. Some government programs or health insurance can cover part of the cost or the entire cost.

Free and Low-Cost Rehabs

Drug Addiction TreatmentIndividuals who have financial challenges can still find treatment options for substance abuse problems. Most rehab programs can help you find manageable ways to pay for the treatment, so you can recover and live a healthy and safe life again. This is why free and low-cost rehabs are an option. You can also look into government-funded addiction treatment programs.

If you want to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, looking for a rehab program that provides comprehensive services covered by your health insurance is essential. More drug rehab facilities are accepting insurance, and most insurance plans also provide for addiction rehab treatment. Your insurance plan may not provide for all the services offered by the facility, but most insurance plans provide certain types of treatment. Most people with private insurance choose outpatient treatment to save on food and lodging, which makes rehab more expensive.

Individuals with little money or no money or without insurance also have options to consider if they want to access drug addiction treatment facilities. Neighborhood clinics provide sliding-scale fees or free addiction treatment and healthcare to people lacking health insurance. Some rehab facilities might offer scholarships to individuals who want to get rehab services. Such scholarships provide financial aid to those people who cannot afford addiction treatment even though they need it.

Even though some programs provide free drug addiction treatment programs, others can offer government-sponsored drug rehab services dependent on an individual’s income. Anyone who qualifies for Medicare or Medicaid might get withdrawal and detox treatment for free, after which the staff in the facility can help them apply for insurance.

There are also groups in various local areas that can provide free support to individuals in any stage of addiction recovery. Non-profit organizations, charities, and church groups can offer free services to people suffering from substance abuse. Such programs are beneficial to people who desperately need assistance but lack the financial resources to get it. Certain nonprofits and churches also provide sober-living housing to people trying to recover from addiction and turn their lives around.

Executive and Luxury Drug Rehab Programs

Drug Addiction TreatmentEven though some drug addiction rehab facilities cost relatively lower, others can go up to tens of thousands of dollars in costs. These high-end rehab facilities are made for individuals who want to stay in a luxurious environment as they receive highly specialized quality addiction treatment.

Executive and luxury rehab facilities usually offer their clients advanced and exclusive rehabilitation treatment in an upscale private setting. Such places are the most expensive, and costs range from $25,000 upwards. Most people who want to access these services can afford the treatment and amenities provided in these drug rehab facilities. However, some insurance plans will cover a part of the costs for these luxury addiction recovery facilities.

Anyone struggling with drug addiction can get recovery assistance regardless of their financial status or insurance coverage. It is all about finding a program that suits your budget and meets your recovery needs.