Drug Rehab

What To Do If You Can’t Afford Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a treatment option for personal struggling with addiction dependence and related substance abuse issues. They offer professional treatment services for most substance abuse issues such as marijuana, crystal meth, opioid, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.

When it comes to drug rehab, most people think that it might be too expensive for them to enlist. This misconception is one of the reasons that persons with alcohol use disorders may want help but may not take the initiative to get it. There are so many programs that are ready and willing to help persons in addiction recovery who require financial assistance in their substance abuse treatment journey.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Since rehab programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual addict, there is no fixed estimated cost. This means that when you walk into a rehabilitation centre and ask how much it would cost, you might not get a sure answer. The price depends on factors such as:

  • Drug Rehab CostDoes the individual suffering from substance abuse need medical support?
  • How long has the person with alcohol use disorder been exposed to the substance?
  • Is the patient enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient program?
  • How long will the patient need the treatment?
  • Will the patient participate in ancillary addiction treatment programs such as reiki, yoga, and art therapy?
  • Which amenities and services are offered at the drug rehab facility? – Additional services such as fitness centres, acupuncture, hot tubs, swimming pools, gourmet meals, spa and massage treatment, and private rooms might increase your cost.
  • Does the patient prefer a luxurious rehab or a standard one?
  • Where is the drug rehab facility located?

The above questions are but a few of the factors that will help the facility narrow down to the cost of the treatment.

What To Do If You Cannot Afford Drug Rehab?

The cost of drug rehab might seem overwhelming at first. There are a couple of options available to persons with drug abuse problems who cannot raise the price of drug rehab. These options include:

  1. Drug RehabFree addiction support groups – When it comes to addiction, several support groups cover different types of addiction. Most significant cities have support group centres set up around. These groups can play an essential role in helping you through your drug rehab journey. You can commit and attend meetings regularly to engage with other people who have similar struggles as you. Some of these programs offer individuals with alcohol problems support peers who have been successful in dealing with their addiction. If you are having trouble with attending the scheduled meetings, you can enrol in the online support communities that could help you cope wherever you are.
  2. Loan – When it comes to getting a loan, most people focus on investments such as housing, vehicles, or education. Your health should also be a priority and a part of your investments. If you are not able to raise funds for enrolling in a drug rehab facility, you can invest in your health by getting a loan. If you have bad credit or are not sure if you will pay it back, you could ask a loved one for assistance. The family member or friend might get a loan in their name, and this could help you invest in your future and health as you pay up the loan.
  3. Ask for help – Addiction is a disease that affects your loved ones too. It impacts them emotionally, financially, socially, and mentally. If you cannot afford to enrol in a drug rehab program, your loved ones could provide financial assistance. Your loved ones have most likely thought about enrolling you in a drug rehab facility before. They might want to contribute to your good health once they see you taking the initiative.
  4. Substance abuse treatment scholarships – Some facilities offer drug rehab scholarships. Alternatively, if the facility does not offer this scholarship, you can investigate local community scholarships in your area, such as public assistance programs and religious organizations.
  5. Drug RehabInsurance – Do you have health insurance? If you do, does it cover substance abuse treatment? Most people have no idea that some insurance companies cater to this health issue. Check out your insurance plan and confirm if it can cover substance abuse disorders or mental health. Some health plans cover substance abuse in different degrees. Reach out to your health insurance provider and confirm if your plan covers substance abuse. If it does not, you could ask how and when you can be allowed to upgrade to a plan that covers this.
  6. Addiction resources – There are so many alternatives to drug rehab treatment. All it takes is some initiative and consistency. You will need to practice discipline since no one will monitor and keep track of your treatment. You can get advice on how to manage your addiction from self-help books. Alternatively, you can search for support groups and programs within your area. You can easily do this with the aid of your smartphone at any time of the day. Some of these programs offer online meetings rather than physical meetings, making it easier for people with busy and fixed schedules.
  7. Negotiate – Once you have your first meeting at the drug rehab centre and know the cost, you can bargain with the administration. You could even negotiate a payment plan that allows you to seek outpatient help as you go to work to pay for the treatment. Most drug rehab centres will not mention bargaining and payment plan options on their websites but will offer them if you ask during the physical meeting.

When looking for the right drug rehab treatment option or program, there are numerous options. Just because you cannot afford treatment at a drug rehab centre does not mean that you cannot get help. It is good to get help immediately when faced with the following situations: suicidal thoughts, overdose, or other substance-related emergencies that have been brought about due to alcohol or drug addiction.