Alcohol Addiction

Why Can I Not Stop Drinking?

Alcoholism is a disease, just like other types of substance abuse. It is a problem that causes many symptoms such as tolerance, physical dependence, a loss of control, and intense cravings. In addition to other factors, these symptoms contribute to why people suffering from alcohol addiction cannot stop drinking. Alterations in their brain chemistry also

EMDR Therapy

Is EMDR Therapy The Best Way To Ensure Addiction Recovery?

Trauma is a significant contributor to substance abuse disorders, and it can prevent affected individuals from advancing with their addiction recovery. EMDR can be very effective with that. Most treatment facilities do not offer substance abuse counselling that is trauma-specific. When selecting a rehabilitation facility, patients with trauma suffering from a substance abuse disorder should


Am I Addicted To Tramadol?

If you are wondering whether you might be struggling with tramadol addiction, then you must have taken tramadol for a considerable amount of time. If you are not struggling with the addiction, understanding it can equip you with the information needed to help a loved one so let’s dive right into it. Tramadol Uses and

Valium Withdrawal

Is Valium Withdrawal Painful?

Valium is one of the most recognized drugs globally. Suppose used in the treatment of anxiety disorder, muscle spasms, insomnia, and other diseases. Because it can be highly addictive, it is no longer prescribed as a first-line drug. When someone struggling with Valium addiction stops using it, they experience withdrawal symptoms, which can pose a

Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone Addiction 101

Oxycodone is a prescription drug that easily falls under the classification of Opioid Pain Relievers. It should be noted that the drug, which is often compared to Morphine and/or methadone, is strong. Hence, it is usually used to treat or provide relief from severe pain that may have resulted from surgery or injury. It is